I thought it was time that this audio recording saw the light of day. The meeting I had with my PHSO caseworker (Catriona) and witness (Johnathan) to discuss the issues with my draft report was recorded (with their permission) some time in 2015.

The recording is two hours and thirty-four minutes long so pour yourself a drink and settle down. The facts of the case – which was not upheld to any degree – emerge throughout the discussion (if you are patient). But a little background information might be useful to get you started.

In 2010 I suffered an injustice whilst studying for a level 7 award at the Helen Arkell Dyslexia centre. I was at that time a specialist dyslexia tutor. I made a complaint to the centre that the marking of my DAR (diagnostic assessment report) was inconsistent and failed to give me the opportunity to meet success criteria. That the IV (internal verification process) fell below professional standards to the point that it was ‘malpractice’ and after reading all the policy documents, that I should have been provided with an IAP (individual assessment plan) to support the fact that my previous level 5 course was out of date.

Over the years this complaint moved from the centre, to OCR – the awarding body, to Ofqual – the regulator and finally in 2012 to the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman. My complaint was originally rejected but as part of PHSOtheFACTS it was investigated under the close supervision of Mick Martin, the deputy ombudsman. My final report arrived on Christmas Eve 2015 and it bore no resemblance to any of the points raised in this meeting.

You do not need to understand all the intricacies of my complaint, made much more complex by the multi-agency coverup. Just listen to the reasoning of the caseworker as I present the evidence (reading from printed documents). It is a shame that I did not record video evidence as poor Johnathan had eyes on stalks at some of the responses I was given. Full marks to me for staying calm.

So settle down and listen to PHSO logic in action. Your comments afterwards will be greatly appreciated.