“Due to serious and unfounded allegations, PHSO is no longer formally engaging with you in correspondence”

(aka stop criticising us or we won’t speak with you again).

In October 2020, PHSOtheFACTS wrote to the Board of Governors at PHSO. The letter was published on PHSOthetruestory in March 2021.

With due deference to The Tremeloes, Mr. Behrens and his Board seem to think ‘silence is golden’ because I received a resounding no and there is no doubting a PHSO policy of ‘non communication’ with me as coordinator of PHSOtheFACTS.  

As one of the 25 signatories of the follow-up letter, David Czarnetzki thought it worth another try and sent a fact searching personal letter to Linda Farrant who, as a Director at PHSO, chairs the Audit, Risk and Assurance Committee. The abridged text of the letter can be found here, but he too has not received a reply.

This is where matters now stand. It is perfectly clear that this so called ‘exemplary’ Ombudsman service does not have robust and challenging governance in place, its Directors burying their heads, ostrich like, in the sand. 

The reality is the Ombudsman sees himself as only answerable to PACAC’s annual scrutiny and will not directly answer criticism by members of the public. Therein lies a problem as the last scrutiny session lacked any real incisive impact to the issues facing many complainants, the latest of which is the decision not to investigate the backlog of 2600 cases awaiting allocation to an investigator which fall within the Ombudsman’s tier 1 or 2 of his scale of injustice.

So it is now confirmed. The Ombudsman and his Board are indifferent to the valid criticism of those who come to him for remedy.

Michael Gove at the Cabinet Office has blocked Ombudsman reform.

You are failing to deal with failure Mr. Gove. It is time for effective change. Create an Ombudsman service fit for purpose and walk the talk.

Build back better. It could not be worse!