Well according to the PHSO website, the board are responsible for the governance of the organisation.

Our organisation is governed by a non-statutory, unitary decision-making board made up of executives and non-executives.


The purpose of the Board is to make collective decisions on the strategic direction and performance of the PHSO service.

Given that the board are responsible for ‘performance’ we wrote to them in October 2020 with our concerns, given that this body was just six months from the completion of their 3-year strategic plan and their performance stats had fallen off a cliff.

You can see our letter in full here

It was a difficult time with many people working from home due to the pandemic, so we waited and we waited. By April we thought we should put out a little reminder so we made the following video.

We found a lot more people who were interested in the answers to our questions. So we included their names on our follow-up letter to Elisabeth Davies, non-executive board member.

We sent this letter by recorded delivery so we were sure to get a response…

Recorded delivery letter to Elisabeth Davies PHSO

... and we did!

This was the response from Maria Mansfeld, Chief of Staff.

Did this mean that the PHSO Board of Governors could just side-step their responsibility to hold the Ombudsman to account for poor performance?

Yes it did.

If you think this is just not good enough then please download our letter to the Governors. Add your own name, then send it by post or email to Maria.Mansfeld@ombudsman.org.uk and don’t forget to copy in your own MP. When you get a reply, send it to phso-thefacts@outlook.com and all responses will be published on phsothetruestory.com

They can’t ignore us all – can they?

Download here

Letter to the PHSO Governors – google doc.

By the way, it turns out that the board of Governors not only regulate PHSO, they also regulate themselves.

Board will conduct an annual review of its own effectiveness in respect of these functions, including a review of its own and Committee terms of reference.