Pro-forma for inclusion in the 2nd PHSO case handling report.

Pro-forma for inclusion of your story in the PHSOtheFACTS

2nd report on PHSO case handling.

  • Your case is likely to be complex but you need to write a summary which is no more than 2 pages of A4 using size 12 font. Please don’t use clinical/technical jargon or acronyms without explanation.
  • Introduce by saying when you went to PHSO (give accurate dates) why you went (you can name the public body you complained about) and what you expected as a result.
  • Focus on how making a complaint to PHSO made you feel. Did you feel supported, was there good communication, did you understand the process as you went through each stage? Did your expectations change as the process proceeded?
  • You can name senior staff at PHSO but please use more general terms such as ‘caseworker’ for other staff.
  • Please be clear on the time taken from beginning to end of the complaint process. Did you have more than one caseworker? Did you have more than one case number? Did you go to review? What was the final outcome and was there any impact on the body under investigation as a result?
  • Finally, state whether you would recommend going to PHSO to friends and family.

Send your story to by 1st December 2019.  I will contact you if there is any part of your report which is unclear so please add your contact details. If you are happy to publish your name then please put it at the bottom of your report.  (Anonymous reports are easier to dismiss). I will clear the final report with you before we release into the public domain (early January) to make sure you are happy with the content. This report will be circulated to MPs, members of PACAC, the expert advisory group at PHSO and other interested parties such as the press.

Thank you for telling your PHSO story.

Della Reynolds



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