As I inch at a snails pace towards the end game, I reflect a bit on the constant question I am asked by friends and colleagues.

When will it be closure and what will it take?

I used to group Truth and Justice together, but have come to realize that they are distinctly different. The end game is ultimately a measure of justice. Justice means different things to different people. To some, justice is sufficient with acknowledgement and remorseful apology, to others, prosecution and incarceration. We each have own own views and tolerance levels, each driven by our own personal make ups. Neither is wrong nor right. Justice is personal and from it, we are able to heal.

Truth though, is a different animal.

There is no tolerance level or personal opinion. Truth stands on its own. There is no margin or variance to it. It is clinical and sterile.Without truth there can be no true justice and healing is prevented, leaving a permanent wound to the soul.

Peace is born of truth. Without truth, the dead are condemned to eternal restlessness, and the living, a lifetime of mental anguish.

Without truth, there is no closure. And therein lies my answer.

I will not stop until truth is laid bare. From truth I can wind down, have a measure of closure, and begin a process of healing while justice is delivered.

Peace from Truth

Healing from Justice

Ashley Chaplin