As the council tax letters arrive in the post, quite possibly you will be irritated to find that costs have risen above inflation once more. For the next few weeks gives our blog over to Nigel Gardiner, who has a dire warning for all council tax payers following an unexpected visit from the Valuation Office Agency and a fraudulent hike in his council tax banding.

If you are a Homeowner, a Tenant or a Business Ratepayer it is in your interest and for your protection so you are invited to read of what the Prime Ministers Anti-Corruption champion Eric Pickles termed “Unwanted Council Taxes” now proven “Fraudulent Council Taxes” so protect yourselves and your families and read the events explained below. Please then pass this warning on to as many as possible. Nigel at

Over the next few blog posts Nigel will share his experience with the Valuation Office Agency (VOA) the Valuation Tribunal Service (VTS) and with the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman (PHSO). His long fight for justice started in 2015 and having reached out to every authority, he is now persuaded that they collude together to obstruct the truth and wishes to tell his story as a warning to others.

Let us start with his experience of the Ombudsman.

The P.H.S.O is or was the last chance for the poor often traumatized citizen to receive some fair treatment and some justice with regard to the citizens’ complaints path.  I had travelled for years by then to reach the end of this corrupt complaint system, in truth I knew from October 2015 but didn’t see the rigged Tribunals coming, the whitewash or lying Adjudicator I was prepared for, I guess from the whistleblower but needed the proof.

With our Police fraud complaint hitting a “civil” brick wall, total silence from the perpetrators and covering up and more silence from those above them in that Agency, yes, our elected Government too, no less guilty of this abusive silence and no response, and I can add our MP now to that list.

To receive what one might think would be the honesty and integrity of such an office as the P.H.S.O as this Ombudsman is vitally important to the citizens, or should be as a complaint has to be authorized and signed through by ones M.P, that should shows some validation as the MP isn’t simply obliged to sign it through.

Dominic Grieve, our MP at the time, was a very experienced M.P, QC and former Attorney General and was kept updated throughout the scams from the start, which I naively thought would be over by Christmas 2015 and why would I not? 

Don’t we have an honest Civil Service; all our senior Civil Servants and elected Government Ministers have integrity and honesty don’t they? Those who head the Civil Service surely they would show deep concern at their public servants corruption and bullying wouldn’t they? Well that’s what I thought back then over 5 years ago now.

The evidence we had been scammed was very clear in October 2015 the scam at my neighbour’s farm not uncovered till December, never mind the council tax legislation and I had provided that evidence proving they were frauds, but with no response of course which did cause concern back then.

Anyway, moving on and by the time I reached this alleged “impartial” Adjudicator the offices housed in Nottingham, I had already discovered the disturbing whistleblower graphic so confidence and trust weren’t high but the warning graphic had yet to be proven to me.

It was just prior to June 2017, the complaint is with this whitewash adjudicator and I asked our M.P to sign the complaint through to the P.H.S.O in preparation if nothing else, as I wasn’t expecting this covering up Adjudicator to take too long as wanted it over and done with.

Well how wrong was I, but further corruption reared its ugly head which stopped the so-called “adjudication process” as it had started, yes our laws, our protections for the people, their worthless charters and rules can obviously be changed and manipulated at the will of this Agency and these Civil Servants of Central Government, approved I guess by Ministers of our elected Government as they sat in their bunkers looking on as aware.

So the P.H.S.O had the evidence in plenty of time so they could read it all, check, examine and dissect. But what happened was the V.O.A Listing Officer responsible banded us again with a band G and a Band A, yes he did a second time in his panicking attempts to cover up.

I knew what his intentions were and so went along with it as although the investigation part had finished in reality, something corrupt kept popping up which just continued it. 

It had become interesting after I found the evidence and we got back to a Band F but was at the time still working hard to get my neighbour secured from the thousands and thousands of pounds they were extorting from her or trying to. But now they had me in-between, and so a third and rigged Tribunal was set in motion despite had I not already been taken to one point of Tribunal lawlessness at the first rigged affair in the Holiday Inn Aylesbury?

I obviously needed two then? But I’m not easy to intimidate. What this did in effective was stop the Adjudication process and they went silent until in late March 2018 when this third rigged Tribunal, second for the same thing concluded we were a G band after all and imagine my surprise!!

It could have been only a matter of days (after) when I got the letter from this lying whitewash adjudicator and I have the proof of the lies and covering up and statements she has made with her signature so that was all I needed.

So spring 2018 before it officially could be processed by this public purse paid P.H.S.O, there supposedly to protect us, the citizens of the United Kingdom. It had been received in June 2017 by a chap whose name is on record with one reference, then later by caseworker S L under a different reference and I got a phone call at home. 

How I wish I should have recorded it, well she went on about how little powers they have and there was nothing they could do with this lack of powers the P.H.S.O had allegedly. 

I said well you could ask the police to investigate and threw several other things back, I told her how long the evidence was in their possession and only now I’m being told this. 

I reminded her the corruption, told her the evidence which shows the Adjudicator is lying and covering up, anyway I don’t know of the powers of the P.H.S.O so I wrote to them. Later S L emailed me saying they do not read them attempting to brush me off I assumed.

So that’s as much as the P.H.S.O, the last in the corrupted complaints path, did for us, they tried to separate my wife and I from the other four complainants, but I didn’t accept that and told them and I had their signed forms 

So yes, the whole complaints path is corrupt, some would say covering up only, others use the word whitewash. No I never have accepted whitewash this complaints path was as corrupt and bent as any could be and you would have to travel to other countries like Venezuela and others to find its equal, the only difference is the UK tries to hide it a bit more, out in these countries its more in ones face.

In the next blog post we will find out how a fraudulent re-banding looked to double Nigel’s council tax bill. How he discovered his neighbours had also been affected. And how they joined forces to fight back.

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