Mr Behrens, our new Ombudsman, wants to hear from you.

Rob_Behrens   It would appear that Mr Behrens who took up his appointment as new PHSO Ombudsman at the beginning of April is ready to hear from ‘service users’ as he starts (yet another) programme of reform.

In all of this, we need to keep listening to people who use our service and be flexible, but not unprincipled, in response. I know that this is exactly what Amanda Campbell, our Chief Executive, and the Executive Team are working towards.

Keep your eye on the ‘unprincipled’ part of this response.  It could well be the loophole through which PHSO will escape any obligation to deal with poorly handling historic cases.  For instance,  would it be ‘unprincipled’ to reopen a case against an authority where they have previously closed it without uphold?  Would it be ‘unprincipled’ to hold to account individuals who may not have been at the organisation when your complaint was handled 3, 4, 5 years ago?  Would it be ‘unprincipled’ to cause distress to public sector employees who have already been told they have not acted with maladministration or hold to account PHSO workers who have now left the organisation?

We must give Mr Behrens the benefit of the doubt – for now.

You can read his full statement here  and do let him know exactly what you think of PHSO – after all, he is looking forward to hearing from you.

Towards the end of May I’ll be taking part in a Twitter Q&A through the @PHSOmbudsman Twitter account. If you have any particular questions or topics you’d like to us to focus on, please email them

If you have any questions regarding an individual complaint please email

I look forward to hearing from you.



  1. dms91

    I think the piano needs to be in tune with us before he thinks about moving it With thanks to David for idea!


    I would like to offer my case to the new Ombudsman to read and consider:

    Here are the facts:

    The Ombudsman service agreed the NHS failed to provide Proper treatment and care regards brain injury CT Scans but it didn’t matter even though NICE guidelines had been breached.

    Your Expert Witness decided Since I was not unconscious at the Hospital some two hours after my attack that it would be difficult to assess Brain Injury!

    Another Expert Witness admits no diagnosis was made, but the care for the missed diagnosis was acceptable! HOW??

    It is said lies told to another Government Authority was not lies just a slip up that didn’t really Matter

    Your Experts suggest that earlier diagnosis would be pure speculation even though evidence exists from a professional Psychiatrist stating suffering had gone on without proper support
    Nor proper investigation for years.

    These are just a few points that the Ombudsman service should be lined up in front of a wall and shot for!

    If you prefer to brush this under the carpet I am sure there will be no opposition to your corrupt organisation, however – if you have one sprinkle of credibility and integrity then maybe you should reconsider my Case!

    Case Number HS-206131

  3. Fiona Watts

    1) Well done Della for hanging on in there.

    2) Personally, I view the previous employees and past Ombudsman at The Parliamentary Health Service Ombudsman as being complicit in the tragedy at Grenfell Tower this month.

    3) PHSO and PACAC are the agencies who make it possible for so many Public Services to get away crimes against UK citizens and the willful refusal to not “listen” to the most vulnerable members of the public.

    4) It is Parliament and numerous Ombudsman who are the responsible for the farce in Britain today whereby folk are not allowed to have a cigarette at the bar but are expected to go live in a tower, renovated by the Council to light up like a match? Utterly backward.

    5) A learned history of deafness by the different PHSO staff has allowed Britain to become this backward. Suddenly the Ombudsman wants to listen? What an utter joke …..


  4. Patient Leader

    Mmm… and what’s the likelihood it will be listen, on its terms not the communities it serves terms i.e. chime with us and we’ll listen. Any discord then we’ll replicate the public bodies we investigate and, purposely, ignore you… 😦

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