10 things you need to know:


  1. Although you are the one asking for an investigation you will have to find all the evidence yourself.

  2. You will have to access and read all the policy documents to identify the breaches.

  3. Having done so you will be told that policies are only ‘guidelines’, no breaches occurred.

  4. You may find that the law has been broken.  You will be told to take your complaint to court and fund yourself while the public body is funded by the taxpayer.

  5. Your complaint will be dealt with by the legal team who have no duty of candour and will do and say ‘anything’ to protect their client.

  6. If you object to the manipulation of the facts you will be told to take your complaint to court.

  7. There will be endless delay.  Like a boa constrictor the complaint process will slowly suck the life force from you.

  8. Truth and evidence are irrelevant.  Linguistic manoeuvrings will absolve all guilty parties.

  9. Any internal review process is merely a rubber stamp of the first decision made by a colleague.

  10. The 65% of people who say they wouldn’t make a complaint because it won’t make any difference are right.  Listen to them.