PHSO must have seen the evidence from the Coroner regarding midwife collusion at the inquest, yet decided not to hold anyone to account. This gives the green light for damaging practice to continue and PHSO have blood on their hands when more patients suffer.


An open letter to Bernard Jenkin re PHSO – 8th March 2015

Dear Bernard,

On Tuesday 3rd March, Dr Kirkup published his report on the failures in maternity care at Furness General Hospital (FGH) between 2004 and 2013.The investigation found 20 instances of significant or major failures of care at the hospital which could have contributed to the deaths of 3 mothers and 16 babies. The report concludes that onemother and 11 babies could have been prevented from dying if they had been given different clinical care.

My son Joshua was one of those deaths. Joshua died in 2008. It is simply devastating that the report confirms that since 2008 there have been ten deaths at FGH where‘there were significant or major failures in care’.

The investigation report is careful to state that the‘validity of decisions taken by the PHSO’ fall outside the terms of reference…

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