James Titcombe asks the PHSO ‘How many other families have been failed in the same way?

From Dame Julie Mellor, there comes only the sound of silence……


James Titcombe, in an effort to get to the truth, has repeatedly requested that Dame Julie Mellor  carry out an internal review into the assessment process at PHSO which led to the appalling decision not to investigate his son’s death at Morecambe Bay Maternity Unit.  Without knowledge of how this poor decision was allowed to go ahead and be maintained at review, the Ombudsman is in no position to improve things for the future.  It can now be seen that this decision put many other babies and families at risk.

In a powerful slide show James tells of his experience  with the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman, which he has publicly stated has been  ‘about as bad as it gets’.    He reveals that:

  • The PHSO have repeatedly refused to allow a review of what happened and why
  • Answers provided so far have included outright dishonesty, including answers that conflict with the GT review
  • Key information which should have been released to the Titcombe family was not shared
  • The PHSO have done their utmost to avoid scrutiny of the issues
  • At least 26 babies have died following birth at Furness General Hospital following Ann Abraham’s decision not to investigate.

He reveals that the Patients Association, who assist thousands of complainants a year, have lost confidence in the Ombudsman service and call it ‘unaccountable’ and  ‘not fit for purpose’.

Click on the link below for the full presentation.

PHSO Presentation v2


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